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Scratch Games

The following games made by former computer science students. Click the game name to play, and see if you can beat the game! Most importantly, can you make a game like these?

Platformer by Roshan Jain

Maze by Phouc Nguyen

Maze by Coltyn Stone-Lamontagne

Smash of the Dead by Kyle Russ

Cube Ninja By Jude Votto

Astroid Dodge by Stevem Muchuk​

Blitz Pong by PhuC Nguyen

Rooty Tooty Pointy Shooty by Phuc Nguyen

Shooter By Adnan Obic

Maze By Selena Russell​

Rocketeer By Ben Montsion

5 Lives V3 By Bryce Jenkin

PacMan By Dylan McDonald